Friday, October 23, 2009

Landsberg busts Jason Whitlock in a lie

Jason Whitlock apologized Thursday for an earlier column attributing quotes to Rush Limbaugh that Limbaugh never made. But John Landsberg says Whitlock's apology is almost certainly a lie.

Below is Whitlock's published apology:
Let me first apologize to Rush Limbaugh.

Last week in explaining why NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needed to put an end to Limbaugh's latest publicity stunt, I attributed racially insensitive quotes to Limbaugh that I read in two Missouri newspapers, saw on CNN and confirmed through a Google search.

Prior to posting the article, I never found a denial of these quotes by Limbaugh, and had no reason to believe those statements were not true.

It was unfair to Limbaugh. And I regret that.
But wait... As John Landsberg points out, you only have to go back to the original Whitlock column to see Whitlock isn't telling the truth. Whitlock said in his initial column that he had received an email from Limbaugh stating Limbaugh never made the quotes.

I received an e-mail from Limbaugh or one of his employees Tuesday morning somewhat disputing the authenticity of the quotes.

The e-mail reads: "We've sourced the quote," then cites a wikiquotes entry: "These quotations are currently being disputed because the author of the book did not provide air dates for the original source material quoted."

Limbaugh claimed on his radio show Monday that his staff could not find any proof that he ever joked about slavery. I'm sorry. Limbaugh doesn't get the benefit of the doubt on racial matters...

So Whitlock's own column makes it clear Whitlock already knew Limbaugh had denied the quotes, and, the quotes were suspect because author of book hadn't listed his source material.

So why did Whitlock apologize yesterday?

Your guess is as good as mine. Whitlock has always been about Whitlock, not reporting the truth.

Congrats to John Landsberg for getting closer to the truth about Whitlock's apology.


Anonymous said...

Catching Jason Whitlock for inconsistency and hypocrisy is like catching a wave heading to shore. There are big ones and little ones, but they're easy to spot, and if you miss one, they'll be another one coming shortly.

Anonymous said...

He apologized because he was about to have his employer and rather substantial backside sued into bankruptcy.

John Altevogt said...

John Landsberg continues to be the best source of news in KC.

McClatchy Watch said...

John -- absolutely, nobody covers KC media better than John Landsberg.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which comments were attributed to Limbaugh. But I will say that Limbaugh was fired from a radio station in Sacramento when he called a city councilman of Chinese heritage a Chink. Limbaugh's racial slurs go back a long way. Check it out.