Friday, October 9, 2009

Looking ahead to next week's 3rd quarter earnings report

Via Yahoo message board, here is some data from last quarter's report, which might give a clue about McClatchy's upcoming earnings report.

Here are a few of the highlights that can be found on q2 09 earnings report:

1) Operating cash flow margin 25.3% compared to 21.2% q2 08.

2) All newspapers contributing to positive cash flow.

3) Digital advertising accounting for 16.5% of advertising vs 11.8% q2 '08. 17.5% for June alone.

4) At the end of first half 09 debt is more than $100m less than January 1.

5) Operating cash flow $92m for q2 09 & $135m first half 09.

McClatchy announces 3rd quarter earnings this coming Thursday.



Anonymous said...

And there will still be layoffs.

Anonymous said...

Everything is just hunky-dory buckeroos. No need to fret 'cos Gary's here.