Tuesday, October 6, 2009

McClatchy reporter Jonathan Landay to speak to "peace group"

Break out the tie-dye shirts, bongs, and anti-war chants!

Jonathan Landay, a national security reporter in McClatchy's DC bureau, is scheduled to speak November 9 to the East Bay Citizens for Peace, a left-wing activist group based in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Below is an undated photograph of some of the aging hippies and potheads who belong to the group. (Photo via laonfsolidarity)

I'm guessing Landay's boss, DC bureau chief John Walcott -- who says he is honored to be compared to KGB agent I. F. Stone -- wasn't available to hang out with his fellow-travellers in Bristol.


Anonymous said...


McClatchy commies speak to fellow travelers.

I.F. Stone smile upon you.(Hopefully, so does I.P. Freely)

Aside from McClatchy smartly shoring up their base, their base seems to be getting up there in years. You know, a little long in the tooth.

But how will Pravda/McClatchy get the youth to drink their bong water and buy newspapers that they now don’t read?

Anonymous said...

I guess all of the speaking slots at the local chapter of the NRA were filled.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for peace too (elusive goal that it shall forever be) but where did they find this group of vintage hippies become yuppies?