Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Modesto Bee publisher explains reorganization

Modesto Bee publisher Eric Johnston emailed employees Monday, explaining the reorganization that is taking place in Modesto.

From: Johnston, Eric - Modesto
Sent: Mon 10/26/2009 2:46 PM
To: MODB Everyone
Subject: Organizational announcement

Good afternoon everyone,

Last week I announced the beginning of an operational reorganization that would result in changes throughout our company. Last week I detailed changes in our finance department and today I am pleased to outline the final portions of our reorganization.

Through this process we have worked to structure our company in a way that will allow us to operate efficiently with reduced resources, continue to provide top-level services to our customers and readers and prepare for future growth opportunities. These changes place greater emphasis on core areas including interactive development, classified advertising and production and operations.

With an eye towards future growth, Dan Day will be responsible for our interactive operations, including strategy, product development and audience growth. Dan will report to both Mark Vasche and Tim Ritchey, placing heavy focus on increasing our already strong interactive revenue opportunities. Dan will continue to have oversight of our daily online production operation and staff. He will take on management of our online business development strategy and will be joined in this effort by Jim Robbins and Corina Aguilar.

Each day more than 200,000 people read The Modesto Bee and owe it to them to produce the best quality product we can. Mike Dunbar will take on additional responsibility and oversee production for our entire product - both editorial and advertising. Mike will report directly to Mark Vasche. In this role Evie Landeros and Amber Capulin will report directly to Mike and he will be our go-to person for our production relationship with The Sacramento Bee. In our efforts to refine our internal production systems, Matt Bowers will also be part of Mike's team helping to create greater technological integration between our print and online products.

Classified advertising has long been a staple of our business, but in recent years it has proven an increasing challenge. With her nationally-recognized skill managing classified marketplaces, Deanna Whitmore will assume oversight of our classified advertising operation. Her institutional knowledge of our business, as well as her creative insight into the future of our business will be critical to our future success.

Every newspaper needs a timely and accurate delivery system. Craig MacKenzie will be assuming additional duties managing our print distribution processes, including all of our home delivery and single copy contractor relationships.

Through your efforts we continue to develop into a 21st century media company. Thank you for all you do and please join me in congratulating those above and wishing them great success in their new roles.


Publisher & President

Not sure what to make of this -- other than it doesn't look like a shakeup. I understand Jim Robbins is coming back to the paper after being gone more than 2 years. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like more managers and more managerial goobygook than anything positive about improving an awful product. This is why these papers never can dig out of their holes. In sports terminology, they need to get out the broom for a clean sweep. All they are doing is sweeping the piles to different areas.

Dave D. said...

..Sadly, the McClatchy group missed the big scrap metal price boom of 2 years ago. That's the only way the Bee will ever make money in the long run; part it out and crush the presses. They're still trying to sell buggywhips on auto row. If they weren't such losers personally they'd see it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Cathode ray tubes.
Eight track tapes.
Pay phones.
White sidewall tires.
Bon Jovi.
DOS 3.2.


Anonymous said...

sounds like the same old bs they have been feeding us for years.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there is a familiar ring to these publishers and their assessments. More of the same, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

All they are doing is moving useless managers around.