Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photo of the day

This photo has been making its way around the blogosphere -- Gateway Pundit posted it Friday, Glenn Reynolds posted it today.

The caption: "Mike O'Keefe thinks a health care overhaul would lead to more long lines like the flu shot lines at Cedarburg High School." Photo credit: Benny Sieu/JS Online


Anonymous said...

About 4 years ago there was another big flu scare. It was amazing how the media managed to blame Bush for every sniffle, cough, and sneeze. They blamed him for not hand delivering the vaccine to every home. Bush hated children. Bush hated black people, elderly people, pregnant women, yadda...yadda.... yadda.

Don't see much criticism of The One this time around from our classically trained professional journalists now do we. They sold their souls for a shiny pair of knee pads.

Anonymous said...

I would rather wait in line than not get the shot at all.....

Anonymous said...

I would rather avoid the long lines and go to my doctor's clinic and pay to get my own shot. What would it cost? $25-30? That's what I paid last time -- lless than my vet charges to immunize my cat.

There's something demeaning about standing in lines for free stuff, a la FDR's America. I hope we don't end up there again.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many cases will be contracted waiting in their cute little gaggles of humanity?

Anonymous said...

At least the guy with the sign didn't misspell any of the words.

Anonymous said...


Not everyone lives in your little world. A matter of fact, a lot of people dont. $25-$30 bucks is all some folks have to eat for a week. I know you dont understand the concept because your ingnorant, however some folks do. You dont have to be socialist to give people free medicine.. basic human needs.... just compassion.

Then again, i preaching to someone who is more interested in a polical ideal and there political agenda than basic human needs. Why am i defending "good will" when i should be more like you. Screw those people, i got my iphone, tv, cable, food, house, car, ext but ooohh god i can barely make ends meet woahh is me.

Folks on this blog think this country is heading for this pooper because of socialist ideals ruling the day. I say, the ingorance on both sides has spawned elitist people whom have forgotten what basic human needs are. As this elitist mentality grows so does the gap between the poor and rich. In the end it will come back and bite us( USA ) regardless of who is in charge of this country.

You may not like the poor, the homeless, immigrants.. but they are here. And they are growing in population every day. Neither democrats nor republicans have any real solution to this problem. So keep on ignoring it, keep on focusing on your political agendas, raise your kids to ignore it, your grandchildren.. see what happens to our beloved country when people forget the poor.

I think the presidents health plan is crap and it gets worse everyday. I think the republicans are making it worse. I think we as a country could very well give free medical to everyone and still be a vibrant demecratic country. However greed and ignorance rules the day.

Anonymous said...

7:47 & 2:49... no, what you want is for the government to use its power, including force if necessary, to take money or property from someone else and give it to you.

While you might think you have a "right" (you don't) to health care, you do not have a right to force other people to work for you for free. You do not have the right to force the doctor to treat you for free, you do not have the right to force the nurse to care for you for free, you do not have the right to force me to work for you and give you the benefits of my labor.

They used to have a system where people were forced to work for another for free... it was called salvery and a Republican put an end to that.

You may ask me to share with you but you are going to get an argument when you demand that I do.

Anonymous said...

not giving basic human needs to the poor such as food and medicine forces them to succumb to slavery of a different sort. yeah i bet a republican made that happen. I understand your greedy and you dont care if people next to you suffer. I GET IT! You would have people suffer and die in your own country so you do not feel FORCED to help them. Ignorance is bliss! I love my country but trash like you is a direct reflection of greed and this country is all about greed. You dont mind being FORCED to paying taxes for your roads, your water, garbage, but god damn if you going to pay taxes to help your fellow countrymen. Your scum. And if i met you on the street and you said that same crap, i would call you on it. This country should be ashamed of themselves for letting medical cost get out of hand and not giving medical to all americans. I blame scum like you for that.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing where are tax money does go. Like i wonder how much money goes to NASA for space exploration.

We going to the moon, I dont care how many people starve, its the moon baby, the moon....

TruthHurts001 said...

"not giving basic human needs to the poor such as food and medicine forces them to succumb to slavery of a different sort."

LOL No, it's not slavery at all.

Please look up "slavery" in the dictionary.

TruthHurts001 said...

"Not everyone lives in your little world. A matter of fact, a lot of people dont. $25-$30 bucks is all some folks have to eat for a week."

Fact: the average American living in poverty has air conditioning, two color televisions, a microwave oven, and an automatic dishwasher.

Fact: the largest consumers of fast-food are low-income earners.

Fact: if you graduate from high school, do NOT commit crime, and wait til after marriage to have children, your chances of living in poverty are virtually ZERO.

Anonymous said...

12:01 is the true face of the liberal Marxist. Unable to care for himself or take responsibility for his decisions and choices he expects the government to use force, or the threat of force, to force others to labor for him.

Tell you what, asshole, if you want me to be responsible for you then you must give me full control over your life, choices and activities.

You see, that is what it is all about. Power to control others.