Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pruitt on the Miami land deal

Gary Pruitt was asked about the Miami land deal during today's conference call with analysts. His answer:

We are working with the buyer. The buyer remains committed to closing the deal and buying this land but it is too soon right now to say if this transaction is going to close by the end of the year which was our hope. We are hopeful it can do that but we are also realistic about the commercial real estate markets and the financial markets and we are going to continue to keep you posted but right now we are working with the buyer and they are committed to getting this deal closed.

Which is Pruitt Speak for, "This deal has dragged on for so many years, I don't see any way it will close this year."

It's almost the same thing he said about the deal when he was asked about it a year ago.

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Anonymous said...

"We are working with the buyer."
WTF, Pru? Have you ever worked an honest day in your life? You are merely a lawyer leach masquerading as a CEO. If you have a shred of honor you will step down before the banks and bondholders force your imcompetent ass out.