Thursday, December 17, 2009

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Georgia) axes three management positions

You know things are serious when newspapers start cutting management positions.  From a reader:

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer axed 2 more manager positions and one director position in the fourth quarter.

In November one circulation management position and one finance management position were eliminated. In December the Human Resources director position (which also served as the regional HR director for both Columbus and Macon) was eliminated.



Anonymous said...

But wait, I seem to recall a plethora of recent MSM articles telling us how simply wonderful unemployment can be!

More down time to pursue hobbies. A chance to rediscover the really important things in life. Time to spend with the family.

Under a Republican President “trickle down economics” is the bane of all human evils.

Under a Democrat President unemployment from a tough economy that was inherited is a time for celebrating life.

And there you have it according to the MSM.

So the NYTimes (McClacthy), the paragon of the MSM should be rejoicing at their fate.

Anonymous said...

Management... Who gives a rats ass ?...

Anonymous said...

Most people on this board gives a rats ass, that's who. Just about everyone here is calling for management heads to take some of the hit. Now it does and you still bitch. How about cheering?

You're unhappy realizing you are worthless and feel you can roam around here and vent on anything like you matter and people listen.

I like this blog, so if you don't really have anything to say, don't clutter it up with mindless crap.


Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to shed tears over the multitude of managers who may be axed. Most are complete idiots and inside jokes in the office. But they'll probably keep those loons and layoff the few who are respected by staff.

Anonymous said...

10:48AM: Huh ?
12:19PM: Yup !

Anonymous said...

The Columbus Ledger is in serious trouble from having to sell its building, loss of subscribers, and un-monitered "letters to the editor" and "sound offs" that give the city the image of ignorance. The failure of management is not that they are not competent, it's that they are afraid of dismissing a few reporters who are not competent.