Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Former Bee reporter named editor in chief of hyperlocal site in Sacramento

Former Bee reporter David Watts Barton has been named editor in chief of The Sacramento Press, a hyperlocal internet site in Sacramento.  Barton, who has been managing editor at The Sacramento Press for nearly a year, reported on arts and culture during his 25 years with the Bee.

Web site here


Anonymous said...

Arts and culture? That gives him credibility to run a news site. Sounds like another ultra lib Obama suckup trying to reshape America. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sac Press is a noble idea but it attracts mostly whacko Midtowners who write their "arts," local bands and "we need more galleries" puff that nobody reads. Occasionally they have a story about local government, but the liberal whackjobs usually try to post their nonsense ad nauseum. Maybe he can retool the little pinky culture crowd and make it more readable.

Anonymous said...

Great Promotion. Keeps him from taking up a real job that real workers need.

It is a disease and there is no cure.

Anonymous said...

Hey the linked story says Barton also hosts an NPR show. Name me one conservative who hosts NPR shows?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:44 We have another winner! NPR/Bee (Iterchangeable)

Sac Bee's news boss Melanie Sill admits blatant bias in editorial today:

"There's no dispute that The Bee has a liberal editorial page on most issues, though not all matters, and has mostly endorsed Democrats.

We won't change our editorial philosophy to placate critics."