Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Layoff rumors at the Macon Telegraph

I'm hearing rumors the Macon Telegraph is laying off six employees. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

WashTimes cutting staff up to 40 percent (Yikes!)Politico (So then, McClacthy people are the lucky ones?)

Jonathan Slevin, acting publisher and president of the Washington Times, outlined a new plan for the beleaguered newspaper and spoke of "significant staff reductions" at a meeting this afternoon.

Staff are receiving notices at the meeting, but it's unclear who will be laid off at this time. However, management is putting the number at around 40 percent, according to sources.

A release went out after the meeting began that outlines some of the changes taking place in the first quarter of 2010.

The news operation, according to the release, will focus on what it considers core strengths—“exclusive reporting and in-depth national political coverage, enterprise and investigative reporting, geo-strategic and national security news, and cultural coverage based on traditional values.”

There will be “controlled-market local circulation,” with the local print edition free in certain areas of Washington with a premium price for home-delivery.

“No-cost distribution will focus on targeted audiences in branches of the federal government as well as at other key institutions,” the release said, although there will be single-copy sales in newspaper boxes and select retailers.

Anonymous said...

The Washington Time is as conservative as they come. How could this be?