Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ink problems at the Sacramento Bee Part 3

Ink problems at The Bee are still an issue. Here are some photos from today's newspaper. The first photo is from an ad for Drexel University. It's a full-page yellow ad (page A11), but it picks up shadowy images from the previous page.

Below is a photo is from page A21. You can see a blue stain in margin area. Several pages have a blue stain in the margins.

Below is cartoon from page A27. Notice the orange/red image from the previous page.
Below is a photo of the front page of Section B. Again, the lines and shadows are from images on the back page of Section A.
Is this smearing/bleeding normal? Beats me. I emailed the Bee to ask about the smearing and bleeding problems. Bruce Meissner emailed me back and asked me to call him to discuss. Wanting to avoid a potential phone tag game, I emailed Bruce more photos of smearing and invited his opinion. Haven't heard back from him or anybody at the Bee.

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Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for the Modesto Bee the Sacramento Bee will be printing their paper in the coming months. With Flexo,which the Modesto Bee has, you don't have that problem that is why the S.F. paper looked so clean, it is a flexo press.

Kevin Gregory said...

Thanks for the info, I didn't know about the Flexo issue... the SF Chronicle has a crisp look. And it's printed on recycled paper, too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the SF paper is so clean that it too will cease to print its own paper just like Modesto. If your going to write about newspapers you should at least understand what your talking about. Cost, cost, cost... That is what drives everything in this country and newspapers are no exception. This same line of thinking is why there are people driving gas guzzlers instead of gas savers. If you like getting 8-10 miles a gallon instead of 28-30 perhaps you have the money to buy the costly flexo press.