Monday, January 7, 2008

Fake "Iron my Shirt" protesters at Hillary rally identified - they are not Clinton plants, they work for radio shock jocks in Boston

Something seemed strange about the 2 protesters at the Hillary Clinton campaign rally Monday. They both held up identical "Iron my Shirt" signs and their chants seemed "too sexist" to be sincere. They cooperated nicely when security escorted them out of the auditoium. The above picture shows one of the protesters being escorted out. Fom the smile on his face he seemed to be enjoying the experience. Some speculated this was a possible Clinton plant. After this picture was posted on the internet a commenter at identified him as Adolfo Gonzalez from the "Toucher and Rich" radio show at WBCN in Boston. Below is a photo from the station's web site.

Adolpho Gonzalez is at the far left. The other protester was identified as a special needs student known as Nick Gemelli (“Intern Nick”). More at (scroll for updates). So it was all a stunt by a couple of low-level staffers from a rock station in Boston. Evidently Toucher and Rich have a history of obnoxious stunts. From looking at the station web site, Adolfo and "intern Nick" may be mentally slow, and I get the idea they are the regular brunt of mean jokes from the jockeys, Toucher and Rich. Any doubt the hosts dared Adolpho and Nick to disrupt the rally? Hopefully Toucher and Rich will be fired Tuesday.