Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bogus Obama talking point paroted by McClatchy reporters

What's up with lefty McClatchy reporters who regurgitate Obama talking points? Miami Herald reporters Beth Reinhard and Lesley Clark do it again in their piece in the Miami Herald entitled "Offshore drilling tough issue for candidates." Inside the article Reinhard and Clark wrote this:
Ridiculed for advising drivers to check the air in their tires, Obama went on the offensive Monday by giving a major energy speech and launching an ad portraying McCain as beholden to Big Oil. The industry has given about $2 million to McCain and the GOP.
"Big Oil" contributing millions to McCain is an Obama talking point. One problem: it's not true. Companies can not make contribute to political candidate; individuals make contributions. I assume the Obama campaign means individuals who work for oil companies have given $2 million to McCain, but it wouldn't sound as horrible if they said "individuals employed by petroleum companies gave about $2 million to John McCain." Sounds more sinister to say "Big Oil" did it.

But it turns out Obama's "about $2 million" figures are way off. The Fact Checkers at Newsweek found this:

The truth is that McCain's campaign has received $1.33 million from individuals employed in the oil and gas industry, not $2 million. Obama himself has received nearly $400,000, according to the most authoritative figures available. We find the $2 million figure is based on a mistaken calculation.
McClatchy reporters call Swift Boat Veterans for Truth an "attack machine"

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