Monday, August 4, 2008

"Expert" suggests beheading on bus in Canada may have been caused by the pressures of assimililating into Canadian culture

A university professor suggests the Chinese-Canadian who beheaded a bus passenger may have snapped over the difficulties of living in an oppressive environment. Any bets whether this "expert" is a liberal? Edmonton Sun:

Experts are theorizing conditions that might have inspired the horrific killing of a young Greyhound bus rider.

While a university professor said in similar cases pleas of automatism have been entered, a U.S. resident who studies crimes committed by Asians had another theory.

Chen Sun said if a Chinese-Canadian killed Tim McLean Jr., it may have come following a lifetime of stress brought on by cultural pressure.

"These violent crimes by generally model minorities are manifestations of a cultural battle," said Sun, citing the Virginia Tech massacre as an example.

"These may look like grisly killings from a Western perspective, but to a repressed, slightly mentally disturbed immigrant or first-generation immigrant, their act probably made justified sense."

Forty-year-old Vince Weiguang Li, an Edmonton newspaper carrier, has been charged with second-degree murder in the gruesome beheading of McLean, 22.

Li was arrested after carnival worker McLean was repeatedly stabbed in the neck while riding a Greyhound bus travelling from Edmonton to Winnipeg Wednesday night.

McLean's body was then carved up and beheaded in front of horrified passengers who fled the bus after it made an emergency stop near Portage la Prairie, Man.

I hope this "expert" gets laughed out of his profession. But the more likely scenario is, he'll write a book, give lectures, and make an appearance on Oprah. (Photo via


Nixon said...

To quote Chris Rock "Aren't people just crazy anymore?" Clearly, no cultural paradigm calls for stabbing a poor guy on a bus and trying to eat his flesh. Just like Columbine, some people always try to rationalize irrational, psychotic behavior.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to read this idiot "expert"'s opinion if the knife was up against his daughter's neck.

Anonymous said...

Should we care how this crazy misfit is assimililating into Canadian culture? Canada is way too liberal with their immigration policies. This dude should be sent to back to China for his prison sentence! I believe if he is convicted of 2nd degree murder in Canada that he'll be back on a Greyhound Bus in 10 years. I read that their are no less than five correction officers monitoring him for fear that he might commit suicide. What a waste of taxpayer's money. Who cares if he offs himself? My prayers to the victim's family and to the trusting people of Canada who let people like this make Canada their home.

TheBronze said...

Like Alfred said in The Dark Knight:
"Some people just want to watch the world burn..."