Monday, September 29, 2008

I sent an email to the "Truth to Power" people

Readers of this blog know I've published two posts on the dishonest post-debate piece written by Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay, where they falsely claimed McCain mischaracterized Obama's initial response after Russia invaded Georgia.

A little research shows the actual facts are the opposite what Strobel and Landay claimed (and the evidence is available on McClatchy's own web site as well as the Obama campaign web site).

Wondering if and when a correction will be published, I sent an email to the parties involved to find out.

I sent the email to John Walcott (Washington bureau chief) plus the reporters, Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay. Here is the text:

Hello, will you be issuing a correction to your post-debate piece that wrongly said McCain mischaracterized Obama's initial response to the Russian invasion of Georgia?

You must know that McCain was right - The McClatchy web site (here and the Obama web site (here are evidence McCain was right - and your published statement that McCain "mischaracterized" Obama's initial position is not true.


Kevin Gregory
McClatchy Watch

I'll let you know the response.
Several McClatchy newspapers carry discredited anti-McCain piece by Strobel and Landay, without corrections
McClatchy's Strobel and Landay busted in a lie -- and McClatchy's own web site provides the evidence


Anonymous said...

Good Job. Why don't you send a letter to WSJ about what is REALLY going on at McClatchy. That buyouts are really forced and then they turn around and hire temps for nothing to do the same work. If it isn't the "DOT" people then it's the temps putting out the garbahe they now produced..

Anonymous said...

Do these correspondents count as temps? At least they sound qualified. Sweatshop is a strong word, though. Sounds like a decent opportunity for these young people.