Sunday, September 28, 2008

More change you'd better get used to

Anti-Obama comments at Jake Tapper's blog are getting deleted. To see one of the the offending quotes that was deleted, click here.

UPDATE 10/1: Tapper explains. It's not nefarious after all.

Change you'd better get used to? (video)

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Looking Glass said...

ABC did the same thing last year with their distorted story about Rush Limbaugh's E-Bay auction of the Senatorial smear letter of him.

As I documented on Don Surber's blog:

"ABC is arbitrarily deleting comments on their blog. Some of those comments are mine. Other posts of mine are being altered without my permission to make ABC look better. Other people are commenting that their posts are being deleted without warning, but those comments are being deleted almost immediately."

The resulting comment storm documenting the corruption and warning commenters led to mass deletions.

Confederate Yankee wrote at the time:
"ABC is also censoring comments on the blog (mine, among others) for content that is anything other than profane, simply rewriting or deleting comments they do not like on apparent whims."