Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three news publishers at McClatchy in two days

McClatchy has announced three new publishers since Monday:
The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, California: Bruce Ray takes over from Chip Visci, who is retiring, according to a press release. Ray previously was chief financial officer at the paper. Visci, according to McClatchy Chief Executive Gary Pruitt, is starting “the next chapter of his life.” Visci’s previous chapter was as a Knight Ridder guy before McClatchy ate up the chain and incurred all those billions of dollars in debt.

The Bradenton Herald in Florida: Robert Turner Jr succeeds William Fleet, who will become president and publisher of McClatchy’s Fresno Bee in California. Turner is a 29-year veteran of the Herald, according to another press release. Fleet was in California and unavailable. Turner was in a meeting, so we left a message.

The Fresno Bee: Fleet replaces Ray Steele Jr, who is retiring. No word about the next chapter in his life. He has worked for McClatchy for 41 years.


Anonymous said...

Will Margaret Randazzo take over both The Modesto Bee AND Merced Sun Star...or will Hank Vanderveen? Stay tuned kiddies for the next chapter in..."As McClatchy Turns"!

Anonymous said...

Help Wanted KC Star ad this morning. Advertising Operations Needs help day and night positions advailable. Seems management there can't make up their mind which is not surprising. Laid off all the people now can't get the work done. Please....what the help wanted AD SHOULD SAY Ad Operations needs new management ASAP anybody please apply. No experience needed.

Anonymous said...

I love it! The KC Star Advertising Department is a lost cause. They have no idea what their doing and this just proves it. Can't the "Dots" do the job?