Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Biggest month for McClatchy Watch, evah

Over 42,000 hits on McClatchy Watch during September. Thanks to all of you who check in, I'll keep trying to give you good stuff every day.


Anonymous said...

Job well done!

Anonymous said...

Reading comments sometimes is the only insight I have into "involuntary separations" and voluntary buyouts considering how tight-lipped management is lately with our own staff shortage.

Anonymous said...

About buyouts everyone should know. They won't tell you or show you any paper work until you sign and hand in the buyout form. Here's the surprise your in for: You can't ever work for ANY McClatchy paper ever again in your WHOLE LIFE, ANYWHERE in the world or you have to pay your buyout back. You can't even work for any company that they have a small interest in. This is how they are getting around to NOW hiring at the papers and you can't apply. Don't you just love the McClatchy way.

It would be nice to get a hold of the buyout contract and post it here so you get a chance to see it for accepting it.