Friday, October 31, 2008

Charlotte Observer selling real estate?

A commenter believes the Charlotte Observer has plans to sell its building. If you have information, leave it in comments or email me.


Anonymous said...

maby not the building but parking lots, right next to the statiumn
also the rock hill paper is moving there publications to the charlotte obs,first of the year, we are taking 7 of there pressman,an will be printing there paper there,along with any commercial work
I look for layoffs in our pressroom, the 7 have been with mcclatcy before the buy out of ridder so we will loose again to mcclatchy

Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't taking the sign on the fence on the Poplar Street lot to mean the property's been sold. Looks to me like they are leasing the available spaces.
Smart move, in my opinion-- seeing as how there are no longer enough employees to fill them. It is prime parking, very close to uptown.