Monday, October 27, 2008

McClatchy director Elizabeth Ballantine is a donor to Democrats

Sunday I noted that Kevin McClatchy, a McClatchy family member and a current director of the McClatchy Company, has donated more than $33,000 to elect Democrats.

But what about other McClatchy directors? Let's turn now to Elizabath Ballantine, a McClatchy director and currently president of a consulting firm. Federal records show McClatchy director Elizabeth Ballantine is also a Dem donor. Her donation record:
$2,300 to Bill Richardson in 2007
$2,000 to Tom Vilsack in 2007
$1,250 to Hilary Clinton in 2008

Records show McClatchy director Kevin McClatchy donated $28,500 to Democratic National Committee and $4,600 to Obama
Gary Pruitt hearts Obama

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