Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet McClatchy director Kevin McClatchy -- he has donated $28,500 to Democratic National Committee and $4,600 to Obama since 2007

Kevin McClatchy, a minority owner -- and former CEO -- of the Pittsburgh Pirates and a member of the McClatchy newspaper family, has donated tens of thousands toward electing Democratic candidates according to election records.
In three separate donations since January, McClatchy, the Pirates' former CEO and now a minority owner, has stuffed $33,100 into the campaign coffers of Democrats, Federal election records reveal.

McClatchy has given the maximum $4,600 to Obama. He also made a $28,500 contribution to the Democratic National Committee.
Kevin McClatchy is still a director at the McClatchy Company. (AP photo by Gene J. Puskar)


Scotty said...

And so do all the other CEO's of media companies. Murduch family of Fox News has always donated to the Republicans but they also gave to Hillary this year. So he is no different than others.

Anonymous said...

man that's the great thing about our freedoms mr. mcclatchy watch. i sure hope you're not suggesting we get rid of the freedom to back the political party you wish. that would be rather anti speech now, wouldn't it

Anonymous said...

He's just pissy because McBush is getting his ass whipped.

Anonymous said...

how wonderful. While we're losing our jobs in droves you're pissing $28k (that we have record of) to the worst thing in america POLITICS/DEMS.