Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McClatchy reporters say Obama had "thin ties" to Bill Ayers -- but CNN documents a history of political and professional connections with Ayers

Repeating Obama campaign talking points, McClatchy reporters Margaret Talev and William Douglas claim in a piece published Monday that Barack Obama had "fairly thin ties" to Bill Ayers.  But an analysis by CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin shows Obama's relationship with Ayers was both professional and political, and spanned several years.

Here is the CNN report:

Talev and Douglas, of course, were part of John Walcott's Clown Posse of fact-checkers that only managed to find one Biden misstatement in the VP debate -- even though they found nine Palin misstatements. You expect activist journalists to look under any Obama rocks??

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Anonymous said...

Talev couldn't write her way out of a box. Before the merger she was doing most of the stuff from the McClatchy Bureau, and editing it was a nightmare