Friday, October 3, 2008

Sacramento Bee dumps nine regional sections

Here's the farewell word from Bee publisher Cheryl Dell in one of the regional sections just eliminated:

This is the last edition of this section of the newspaper. These smaller, regional sections will be folded into the overall content of The Sacramento Bee and our online content at The second section of your daily paper, titled "Our Region," will continue to have content from around the area, including stories from this area that previously ran in this section.

Information found in the police logs can be accessed at through the Sacto 9-1-1 crime blog or in map form through the CrimeMapper feature. And, the ads you've seen in this section will appear in the new "Living Here" sections of The Bee.

If you have a story idea or news tip from your area, please direct it to The Bee's City Desk at (916) 321-1020.

As always, thanks for reading.
– Cheryl Dell

Does that farewell seem terse to you? A few upset subscribers weigh in in comments. Sample:
First you stopped printing the county sections on Sunday, limiting them to once a week. Okay, things were repeated now and then so once a week was okay. Now the "powers that be" are taking away this section. What is with you people? The "main" section is full of entire pages of nothing but advertising so the almighty dollars must be flowing in at a rapid rate! There is less and less information in the paper that is useful, helpful and, most importantly, informative!


Anonymous said...

If they keep cutting sections, they will be able to send out the paper minus the ink and paper. If that happens, they won't need production or delivery people. That ought to give Pruitt & Co another hefty bonus for saving the corporation all of that payroll and equipment expense!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason being the "bigger and faster presses" can't handle the page layout combinations? Or its another way to save money on newsprint, ink and plates.You pay more and get less. As we are seeing , McClatchy really only seems to care about Pruitt and Co. and not the customers. As they say "I got mine"

Anonymous said...

I know most that are still working won't want to hear this but the best news we could hear is MCCLATCHY SOLD. I took a look at the NEW press plant in Kansas City and that's where your jobs went. Please everybody take a look at KC Star web site and see for yourself. Just think we used to make money.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that while The Star is badly managed, it -- unlike the Sacramento "flagship" of the McClatchy chain -- is making money. Lots of it. I understand the "flagship" is losing money. Lots of it. If it weren't for the Knight Ridder deal, as a matter of fact, the McClatchy chain would be in the red. Deeply in the red. Any questions, California clowns?