Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sacramento Bee hiring "Customer Loyalty and Retention Manager"

What in the world is a "Customer Loyalty and Retention Manager?"

I don't know, but the Sacramento Bee is looking for one. Job announcement here:

The Sacramento Bee has a great opportunity for a successful manager to join our Audience Development and Membership Services team as a Customer (Member) Loyalty and Retention Manager. In this supervisory position you will be responsible for the stability of the Bee's member, reader and user audiences. You will design, direct and coordinate a series of activities and programs with the sole purpose of growing loyalty in all channels of the Bee's business (Audience).

We are seeking an organized, self-motivated individual with at least three years of successful experience in customer retention. We also require experience leading and supervising a small group. Must have excellent oral and written communications skills, and ability to work as a team member. Bachelor's degree preferred. Please email cover letter and resume to
No info on salary or benefits. If you have more info, pass along in comments.
Any ideas for the Bee to keep subscribers?

I have a suggestion -- the place for the Bee to start is to recognize probably half the Bee's subscribers are Republicans, and they are getting tired of McClatchy's over-the-top Obama boosterism. McClatchy has literally done more fact-checking of Joe the plumber than Obama's obvious falsehood about Ayers being "just a guy who lives in my neighborhood." .
Sometimes McClatchy's version of events matches Obama campaign ads -- almost word for word.

That's not just bad journalism -- it's bad for business. Based on emails and comments I get from frustrated McClatchy subscribers, McClatchy has broken trust with a huge chunk of its base of subscribers.
Does upper management understand that? Maybe. But I doubt they can do anything about it in the short term. There is a hardcore anti-conservative element to McClatchy's upper echelon, an element that doesn't care if McClatchy offends their Republican subscribers. The company's bottom line isn't important to these ideologues. So the hemorrhaging of subscribers will probably continue in the short run.
Rasmussen: 55% say media is more biased this year in election coverage

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Dave D. said...

...Manangements attempt to delegate responsibility while retaining authority. The McClatchetniks musta been snoozin' when the took 'Management 101' at Hawvud. They're already down to burning the furniture to keep warm. It won't be long now.