Monday, November 17, 2008

A bailout for newspapers?

Since the feds are offering bailouts to just about everybody who wants help -- AIG, Bear Stearns, home buyers who overextended themselves with mortgages they couldn't repay, maybe the auto industry -- why not newspapers? Joan Vennochio at the Boston Globe says that's a bad idea:
No one in government is going to back a newspaper bailout and no one should… If newspapers aren’t producing news in a format that people want to purchase, it’s the industry’s problem. If Detroit isn’t producing cars people want to buy, that’s Detroit’s problem - not the taxpayers’.


Anonymous said...

The problem with Detroit and Newspapers is that they are products that people find unnecessary. Hey, McClatchy laid me off...I can't afford a subscription so I read it on line. I can't afford a new car so I buy a used one. There are other ways to cut back. Why pay high grocery priced when I can go to the Grocery Outlet and other low cost stored. I think the higher priced grocery stored are hurting Safeway, Raley's Nob Hill in our area.
McClatchy is on's free...they even sent me a "we want you back" letter...Cheap rates...even cheaper than the employee discount I used to get! I'd rather put a gallon or two of gas in my car or a gallon of milk on the table!

Anonymous said...

A government bailout would taint even further the shrinking credibility of newspapers. We're "supposed" to be government watchdogs, after all.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Anonymous was laid off. He substitutes "d" for "s" too often in his writings.