Monday, November 17, 2008

Ongoing problems at The Olympian?

I'm getting info from emailers that there are problems at The Olympian as a result of moving printing operations to The News Tribune. If you have more info, leave it in comments.
Subscriber complaints in Olympia


Anonymous said...

I dont think the problems are stemming from the Olympian but Tacoma. There is no production at the Olympian plant outside of USA Today anymore.

The Olympian has been destroyed the Quality is crap and papers do not get out on time. I am sure a lot of this will get better over time however how many subscribers will be lost as a direct result of printing being done in Tacoma?

Also, if you go through store copies you will notice something very consistant, ads are different in all the papers. I cant imagine how they get away with this.

so let me see, the subscribers are getting worse service, and the advertisers are not getting what they payed for. Any you wonder why revenue is going down.

Anonymous said...

A lot of jobs were lost at the Olympian that did not get reported in the press.