Monday, November 24, 2008

CareerBuilder going head-to-head with in contest of Super Bowl ads

McClatchy, part-owner of CareerBuilder, will be facing off against in February's Super Bowl ad contest.
Are you ready for some dot-com?

The gridiron match-up for Super Bowl XLIII may still be up in the air, but the ad battle between the country's two leading online job sites is already joined.

After sitting it out for the past four years, Monster Worldwide is returning to the Super Bowl. Its will be going up against rival, which will air two ads on game day, Feb. 1.

Both Monster and CareerBuilder, which is jointly owned by newspaper publishers Gannett, Tribune and McClatchy and software giant Microsoft, have rich histories with football's main event. CareerBuilder has advertised in the past four games. In 1999 Monster created one of the best-known Super Bowl ads, its "When I Grow Up" spot, which featured listless children describing their painfully modest career aspirations.

How about the cost of adverstising during the Super Bowl -- is it worth it?
Some question the sites' decision to appear on the expensive broadcast, in which ad time is selling for as much as $3 million for 30 seconds. Even though advertising on the Super Bowl will help drive traffic to the sites, some Wall Street analysts say the two job boards already have more than enough brand recognition, and that it might be wiser to spend money on attracting companies with jobs to fill.

If visual appeal counts for anything, CareerBuilder is going to get thumped -- the CareerBuilder web site (what's with the pale orange color?) is dull as dull can be. has better visuals.

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