Sunday, November 23, 2008

No supervision at McClatchy web sites?... McClatchy sites are posting duplicate news stories

From comments:
The online SacBee Nation/World section has the same story (Rhodes Scholars named for 2009) posted THREE times on the same page. No adult supervision today.
One commenter says the posts are automatically generated:
This (story posting) is automated. The human in the process would recognize the duplication and eliminate one. Perhaps SacBee decided not to employ a second- or third-shift human to deal with this on Saturday night.
It's not just Sacramento -- there's a whole lot a duplicate posting going on around the McClatchy chain:
Well, I decided to look around -- and noticed the Wichita Eagle also has the same two duplicated Rhodes Scholars stories. So does the KC Star. They are both picked up from the AP.
The solution -- human supervision -- seems obvious.


Anonymous said...

If AP bills them for each instance, that will get their attention.

Kevin Gregory said...


Anonymous said...

McClatchy loves the promise of auto-magic work flows, with no need for a human in the quality check process.

And when that promise fails, the managers just find a yes-person to offer up a new auto-magic-no-human-required promise.