Tuesday, November 25, 2008

John Walcott assembling his team

Editor & Publisher says Washington bureau chief John Walcott is assembling the McClatchy team that will cover the Obama administration.

John Walcott certainly has experience assembling teams. Before the VP debate, he assembled a team to analyze the face-off between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Here is the team he assembled to cover the VP debate:

"William Douglas, Hannah Allam, Jonathan S. Landay, Renee Schoof, Warren P. Strobel, John Walcott, Nancy A. Youssef and the staff of the Anchorage Daily News"
This amazing "team of investigators" for the VP debate found nine Palin misstatements -- but only one Biden misstatement. One. Other outlets found more Biden misstatements: Investors Business Daily found nine. The New York Post found six. Karl Rove found ten. Ace noted fourteen.

But Walcott's team? Just one. Embarassing.

You want more John Walcott embarassments? In 2007, Walcott predicted the US would not win in Iraq. I blogged about that moronic prediction-- and my email exchange with Walcott -- here.

Another Walcott embarassment? How about this: Walcott gave a speech this year and said journalists don't need to present both sides in political coverage. Awesome.




Anonymous said...

And how many African American reporters will MNI assign to cover the Obama White House? None, if they draw from the Washington bureau, which is notoriously lilly-white. Other newspapers are assigning minorities to prime Washington jobs, but not MNI because they have not encouraged minority reporters.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have not been in many McClatchy news rooms or seen the lack of color on their layoff list.

Anonymous said...

William Douglas, a Black reporter, covered the Obama campaign, along with Margaret Talev.

My opinion: McClatchy doesn't have a racial diversity problem; it has an idealogical diversity problem.