Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Michelle Malkin scoops The Olympian -- blogger confirms Washington judge heckled Attorney General

Score another one for the blogosphere.
Over the weekend, rumors spread that Washington Supreme Court justice Sanders heckled Attorney General Michael Mukasey during a speech Mukasey was giving at the Federalist Society. Eyewitnesses reported Sanders disrupted the speech, shouting “Tyrant!” Media in Washington picked up the story, including McClatchy's The Olympian. Adam Wilson at The Olympian contacted Sanders, and bought Sander's non-denial denial, publishing on Tuesday:

I talked to Sanders today, and he said he was at the gathering of the Federalist Society at which Mukasey collapsed mid-speech (he was released from a hospital and returned to work). But Sanders said he went back to his hotel before Mukasey spoke.

I asked him specifically about Malkin's suggestion that he heckled Mukasey.

"As to that, I don’t have any comment. But I wasn’t there when he collapsed. I heard it on television the next morning, I was very sorry to hear it," Sanders said.

Wilson bought Sander's Clintonesque denial, and implied Malkin was a rumor-monger. OK, most of us would assume a judge would tell the truth. Michelle Malkin didn't buy it, and kept pressing. Finally, after days of spinning and parsing and lying, Sanders emailed his confession to Malkin Tuesday night:

"... I stood up, and said, “tyrant,” and then left the meeting..."
Sanders should apologize for heckling the Attorney General, and he should apologize to Malkin and Adam Wilson and the other reporters he lied to. And his judicial temperament should be reviewed.
UPDATE 11/26: Adam Wilson updates but doesn't give credit to Malkin for rooting out the truth.


Anonymous said...

The liberal press tries to paint Malkin as some sort of conservative banshee, but time and time again she reveals the truth that the ‘droners’ can’t bring themselves to print. She is a credentialed journalist in the business, and she uses a take no prisoners style.

A journalist with guts or a gutless journalist, which is the liberal media trying to Put Asunder. There is the answer that is wreaking the business. Instead of a healthy mix of voices, we channeled to a one note band, and now that one note band is untrustworthy. Squandering the public trust was a huge mistake.

Anonymous said...

..These McClatchy folk, who's great overweening arrogance and condescention lead them to believe they have a patent on the truth, these excreable, insignificant wretches who have taken the noble profession of journalism and reduced it to the baseness of a guileful, snotty heckler, these irksome nags of the press, dare...DARE pretend to own the truth as if it were their sole possession.
...The haven of bankruptcy is too good for them, for they are thieves of the publics' trust and trespassers in the marketplace of ideas. Unrepairably corrupt, corrupt to their core beliefs and values. Unredeemable.

Anonymous said...

Damn Dave, should have saved that piece of art for a letter to the editor...or the nearest Grand Jury.

Anonymous said...

Sanders is a true American Hero and history will record him as such and will record those who support the policies of this administration as tyrants and traitors to the constitution.

Thank the almighty for men like Sanders, who stand up to those who defend criminals and those who regard the Constitution as "just a scrap of paper" and who torture just for the fun of it. Authoritarians and their followers are dangerous people.