Monday, November 3, 2008

A McClatchy reporter goes shopping in Baghdad

A McClatchy reporter had a 2 hour shopping trip in Baghdad just for fun.

Key quote:
I'm not sure the security improvements here will hold, but I certainly hope they do.
I hope the security improvements hold, too. If the next President follows the advice of Petraeus and Odierno and company, I expect things will keep improving.
And while we're on the subject of succeeding in Iraq, this video is now up to 12.5 million views on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

..." I'm not sure the security arrangements here will hold.. "
...Well, I'm sure the insecure arrangements at McClatchy will degrade. Maybe the Bagdad Bee needs an American reporter. Your services here won't be needed very much longer. In other words...quit your day job before it quits you.

Kevin Gregory said...

With McClatchy's financial crisis and the improvements in Iraq, I'm surprized McClatchy still has a Baghdad bureau.