Monday, November 17, 2008

Mystery at the News & Observer -- what's up with Ted Vaden? (updated)

Weird things going on in Raleigh. The status of Ted Vaden, the reader's representative at the N&O, is uncertain -- his normal column didn't run on Sunday, the message on his voice mail says he will return "on October 18th," and an employee at the N&O reportedly said Vaden hadn't been seen in weeks. Click here for the story.
Vaden's position was reduced to part time in September.
UPDATE: The N&O's publisher says Vaden is "on vacation" and will be back.


Anonymous said...

"on vacation" !?!?!?!?

that must be code language! nobody goes "on vacation"

it's a coverup! and you've blown it wide open mcclatchy watch dude!

good work! you'll go far in this company.

Anonymous said...

Ted is in his office right now. Perhaps a brilliant blogger (or two) should call him.

Pretty cheesy, y'all...