Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Nov. 30 -- Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find the McClatchy motto "Truth to Power" obnoxious? What does that mean? Confronting some powerful person or group? Does “speaking truth to power” imply that the newspaper reports the truth?

While McClatchy seems delighted about “speaking truth to power” when they maintain the “power of truth” is theirs, they seem less delighted when they are the “power” being spoken to, by us with our brand of “truth.”

Enjoy "speaking truth to power" McClatchy, all the way off the cliff into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The slogan is absurd and haughty. It is cabbaged off of Dan Rather's often repeated "speaking truth to power" phrase.

A more accurate slogan for McClatchy would be: "Spreading far left propaganda."

Anonymous said...

Archer05 - it's pretentious.

Anonymous said...

‘Reflections of a Newsosaur’ blog offers an interesting buyout scenario.
How often does this happen I wonder?
-Buyout Sex, the other severance benefit-
Who knew layoffs could be a turn on?

“Buyout Sex,” as Mary dubbed it, affords a journalist the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with a colleague without having to worry about “postcoital workplace awkwardness.”

Anonymous said...

From Poynter....

" Wall Street Walks Away From Newspapers
The old wisdom was that Wall Street demanded newspaper companies keep profit margins at unreasonable double-digit heights. These days it might be fairer to say the investment community just doesn't care. All but one newspaper company begins trading this week below $10 a share."

Full story....

Anonymous said...

McClatchy Watch...Bottomline now has a posting about Zieman you might want to take a look. He also has a link here.

Kevin Gregory said...

Anonymous 10:10 -- thanks.