Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Dec. 12 - Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

Reuters article:
“Still, McClatchy's third-quarter profit, excluding special items, [beat Wall Street's expectations by 4 cents a share] as the company worked to cut costs and restructure.”
Given the daily fluctuation of MNI stock, the statement [beat Wall Street's expectations by 4 cents a share,] seems ludicrous. MNI stocks bounces above or below two dollars a share everyday. Using the expectations of a few cents on what has become a penny stock must mean more than meets the eye.

Kevin Gregory said...

Just read that article, it is a classic... This quote is amazing: "I think Gary's done a Herculean job as have other newspaper managers in responding to incredibly difficult circumstances," he said.

With a little research, I'm sure you could find engineers who praised the design of the Hindenburg. Before the explosion.

Anonymous said...

"Herculean job"... it's more like Sampson when he pulled the pillars out from under the building.