Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gulp!... McClatchy stock dropped 93.6% in 2008 (updated)

93.6%. Unbelievable. MNI closed at 80 cents a share today. A year ago, MNI opened at $12.65 a share.


Anonymous said...

Who didn’t suffer from the big drop? Howard ‘Bailer Outer’ Weaver?

The Etaoin Shrdlu blog is getting hilarious. Jeff Jarvis is really getting under Howard’s skin. It’s looking like a mud wrestling contest for our viewing pleasure. Circling the toilet bowl must be discombobulating for this former elitist.

Howie has another lame post, with one comment so far, and it is from our Silly Bee. Sad day for excuses no one believes.
Melanie Sill said...
Jarvis often says things I think are inaccurate, but probably what's more precise is that they are incomplete. He seems confident that his limited view is accurate and prescient, and from my view goes too often beyond his reporting in stating his opinions as categorical fact. If there are blinders being worn, well, we can argue about who's wearing them.

McClatchy Watch said...

I think Melanie Sill felt bad for Howard after he went mental earlier... the comment is her way of giving him a blankey.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the prim and proper Ms. Sill thought about Howard using the ‘F’ word? So, wee widdle Howie needs Miss Melly to knit him a security blanket these days?

Mr. Weaver came off so nutty in his unhinged rant, I was thinking a straight jacket might be in order. That would keep him wrapped a little tighter for awhile, unless Jeff collects that $1000 bet. Then, 'Thar he blows’ the ‘F’ word again.