Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Anonymous said...

From the Shameless Commerce Dept.
I found some "junk" packed away and wondered if I could sell this stuff and make a little grocery money (since I ain't got no job no more...ha...ha...sob)
For sale: 1998 issue of The McClatchy InnerView...Banner headline...Best year ever for McClatchy/McClatchy buys Minn. Star Tribune...set of tumblers, frosted glass with a front page stating Best Year ever for the Modesto Bee (also circa 1998) and a chipped coffee mug (good for holding pencils) with front page of the bee from Jan 1, 1997 showing the horrendous flood Modesto and surrounding areas experienced...(yet all the worker Bees still made it to work and produced a timely, relevant paper so the readers knew where to get help), One Modesto Bee umbrella obviously full of holes...HA...HA, a Modesto bee water the paper, it won't hold water...One Modesto Bee T-shirt, you could wash your car with it, but all the dirt might come off on your car, and finally a Modesto Bee cap that traveled with me to Washington D.C. and back, full of empty memories...I also have a Minneapolis Star Tribune hat with ...a McClatchy Company since 1998...embroidered on back. I picked this up at a thrift store in Modesto a few years back...I think Orage Quarles may have been cleaning out his closets before his departure from the Modesto Bee. All goes to the highest bidder...Yeah, right!
Happy New Year everybody!

McClatchy Watch said...

Anonymous 2:18 -- Ebay?

Anonymous said...

I'll send you an email and give you first right of refusal...I'll throw in a I Be Leavin' the Bee Button TOO! !} (but I think I'll keep the mug!)

Anonymous said...

We need to get back to work McC. W.
Yeah Right, Newspapers must stay independent to remain true to their prescribed government watchdog role in society.WTF

Happy New Year Indeed! Via the Drudge Report:
-Government aid could save U.S. newspapers, spark debate-