Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kansas City Star cartoonist may continue working under new arrangement

Cartoonist Lee Judge, who was recently pink-slipped in the most recent round of layoffs at the Kansas City Star, is working on arrangement to continue working at the Star, though without fulltime employee status.

In the most recent round of layoffs at the Kansas City Star one of the most recognizable names of those being let go was veteran editorial cartoonist Lee Judge.

His cartoons and blog site were almost immediately eliminated from the paper's Web site.

However, since that time his familiar cartoons have been appearing regularly and even in the Sports section. So far about four per week are in the paper (compared to about eight per week when he was full-time).

"I am no longer a full-time employee at the Star," Judge told us, "but the formula for how often my cartoons will be appearing is still being negotiated. "

Judge still works out of his office at the Star and can still be reached there.




Anonymous said...

It's terrible when you need a job so much that you'll work without benefits. I think the KC SCAR is doing that with several.

We now have gone from the name of KC Star to: KC SCAR

Kevin Gregory said...

He's lucky the SCAR couldn't find talent in India.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how he is being received by his peers. Remaining under those conditions is an invitation for the Scum to do the very same to them.

This borders on fraud. Keep your office, keep doing your job, but you don't work for us, so we don't have to pay your benefits. Next Victim!

Anonymous said...

Good thing for him they got rid of the unions. Had he negotiated his own little deal that would end up screwing over everyone still there, he'd have found himself waking up in the parking lot with a new appendage stuck to the top of his noggin. Namely, a 2x4.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's become one of those "correspondents" like the Star-Telegram has.

Anonymous said...

He even has a desk and works there. I wonder how legal that is and not be an employee. I understand that they are doing many that way.

Anonymous said...

Should we be looking forward to Rhonda filling an office with her substantial backside?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the unions are carefully watching Lee Judge and others that accept the New Deal. It probably diminishes the clout of the remaining union members ‘in the business.’

I suspect these ‘caver-inners’ are on their own, and the company will drop them with little notice in a few months. Going down with the ship sounds brave, but it might actually be death by inches for the remaining McClatchy employees.