Friday, November 28, 2008

McClatchy cartoonists continue exodus

Here is a list of McClatchy cartoonists who have left their newspapers:


Anonymous said...

Powell is still at the N&O. Check your facts.

Anonymous said...

The N&O has announced Dwayne Powell would be leaving in November. If you have more info, email me or leave the info in comments.

Anonymous said...

Of interest at The Daily Cartoonist:

Dwane Powell resigns!
By Alan Gardner
July 21, 2008
In an article in the LA Times is a mention that long time (33 years) editorial cartoonist Dwane Powell with the News & Observer is no longer a full-time editorial cartoonist, but has been [dropped to a part-time position.] Additionally, he has been [restricted to local issues.]

UPDATE: According to Daryl Cagle, Dwayne has resigned today from his position with the Observer and also [turned down the freelance job] of three local cartoons a week.