Saturday, December 13, 2008

McClatchy editor chortles about gay protestors at Charlie Crist's wedding, confesses he has followed Crist's private life "over the years"

Apparently McClatchy editor Mark Seibel is quite the expert on Charlie Crist's private life; in a Friday post at McClatchy's website, Seibel giggles at reports gay activists will protest at Charlie Crist's wedding. Seibel also hints he has followed reports of Crist's private life "over the years."

Gay activists plan protests (and if you've followed the controversial reporting over the years on Charlie Crist's private life, you'll see the humor in the juxtaposition).
This is the same Mark Seibel who took time away from his very important duties at McClatchy to write snide posts about Joe the Plumber. (I wonder, is everybody at McClatchy's DC bureau a sneering lefty?)


Anonymous said...

Um, that actually is sort of funny. I don't think he's making fun of Crist. It's just a funny situation, wouldn't you say: A politician rumored for years to be gay finally gets married and gay people protest. Who's the joke on?

As for sneering, well, you are the expert.

Kevin Gregory said...

Anonymous 7:15 -- I don't see the humor in protesting somebody's wedding.

I guess you and Mark Seibel have a similar sense of humor since you both giggle at things like that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Seibel is amused by the protest, but more by the ludicrous situation overall. And, as you point out, the idea of protesting such an innocent event as a wedding is pretty obnoxious. Seibel has chosen to be amused by this outrage; you have chosen to be shocked and infuriated. Both are reasonable reponses.

I just pray the Crist marriage somehow survives this.

Occasionally, in rural India, gangs of eunuchs show up at wedding and public events and make all sorts of trouble until they're paid to leave. That's sort of funny, too. No knock on eunuchs, of course.