Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Dec. 13 -- Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

From comments:
“By the time the speed texting teens hits their 30s, carbon-based media will no longer be needed and news blogging will rule.”
I think speed comments are here already.

-McClatchy Co. selling Miami Herald-
Comments from various blogs:
Who cares!

Anonymous said...

3 community newspapers close
Philadelphia Daily News

Without so much as a word of warning to their readers or employees, the Journal Register Co. on Thursday closed three longtime community newspapers in Philadelphia.

"The suddenness of it was stunning. There was no farewell edition or anything on the Web site. [We cleaned out our desks and left in two hours."]

Kevin Gregory said...

Archer05 -- unbelievable to see 3 newspapers shut down without warning. Of course these 3 were prime targets for Lee because they were low-profile weeklies. But still.

Anonymous said...

Been getting my news from NPR radio on my way to college FOR RETRAINING!
Heard about the Miami NH last week on NPR. 'Course McClatchy will keep it low profile and you might see it on A-8 or something.
As far as the Phlly papers, don't they have to give them a 60 day notice (WARN ACT) or is that just in California?
I feel sorry for them. That really stinks.

Anonymous said...

Modesto Bee's Book of Dreams...This has been one of the Bee's holiday time benevolence projects over the last several years. They highlight groups, families or organizations that are in need of certain items or money to continue operating. In years past we printed a special section to showcase these needs in the community. Last year it was printed inside the living section. Did they even print it this year? I haven't paid much attention to this this year and was wondering if they are doing it again this year?

Anonymous said...

After digging on the site I finally found it.
It's about the only decent thing McClatchy is doing.