Friday, December 12, 2008

McClatchy newspaper in Olympia starts online petition against vandals

In Olympia, Washington, there have been incidents of vandalism against city council members and builders by thugs opposed to a downtown development project. The publisher of The Olympian, John Winn, has started on online petition to fight back against the thugs. Submitted forms are sent to the council, with a copy to the newspaper. See the petition here. Seems like a good start. But there is a history of anarchist attacks in that area, aren't there? How about getting the police and neighborhood watch groups fired up. Anybody have more info?
Hat tip: E&P Pub


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Anonymous said...

Olympia, Washington is home to Evergreen State College. A wonderful leftist playground that makes Berkley look like the conservative side of Omaha. This place is so far out that even the Seattle liberals try to ignore it.