Sunday, December 28, 2008

McClatchy reporter dismayed that Israel’s attack could jeopardize Obama’s opportunity to save the world

McClatchy reporter Dion Nissenbaum seems dismayed that Israel’s weekend attack on Hamas terror locations may jeopardize Obama’s opportunity to work a miracle and save the world.

The Israeli strikes and the Bush administration's response to them could spark a new spiral of violence, undermine stagnant peace talks with moderate Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and make it harder for President-elect Barack Obama to push new diplomatic initiatives in the Middle East when he takes office next month.
Two problems here. First, notice how the reporter is worried the violence will "make it harder for Obama to push new diplomatic initiatives" when he takes office. Jeez, do you remember McClatchy fretting over the past 8 years that events would "make it harder" for Bush to prevail? I don't. Second, the reporter mentions only 2 triggers for a "new spiral of violence" - the Israeli strikes and the Bush administration's response to them. Palestinian responsibility isn't relevant.
As for Obama, world events will not arrange themselves to accommodate the Chosen One's plans. Sorry, media. Obama's plans, whatever they are, are going to run into reality.
Now back to the article and a major issue that the reporter forgot to mention.

Israeli leaders, however, said they could no longer allow Gaza militants to fire rockets into southern Israel. Rocket and mortar attacks have killed at least seven Israelis in the last two years, including one Saturday.
Nissenbaum doesn't explain the Palestinian terrorists locate their bomb-making facilities in civilian areas, and hide terrorists in civilian areas. That guarantees Israeli counterattacks will kill or maim Palestinian civilians. It's a twisted technique Muslim terrorists often use -- shouldn't McClatchy point that out to readers?
I pointed out months ago that terrorists in Baghdad were deliberately holing up in civilian areas so they would reap propaganda rewards when Iraqi civilians were killed. McClatchy played along and gave the terrorists their hoped-for propaganda when civilians were killed.

Patterico notices the same thing in the LA Times report on the attacks, but at least they give the issue a mention down in paragraphs 14 and 15:

The Israeli military said the targets it attacked included Hamas security headquarters, training camps and weapons depots. In a statement, it said the “vast majority of the casualties are terror operatives.”

The military added that Hamas bore sole responsibility for any civilian casualties because it had located many of the targets “within civilian population centers.”
Give the LA Times some credit for pointing it out.

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Anonymous said...

McClatchy likes to boast about its Pulitzer prizes. Now that we know their news has been tainted by liberal bias, outright dishonesty, and political tankism, I think we should rename their so-called prizes, Phewlitzers.

Howard Weaver brags about the Guantanamo prison series. It is probably the worst hatchet job blaming the USA and President Bush imaginable. Can Howard be so programmed he calls that biased crap high quality investigation?

When raw sewage wins prizes, it time to flush the toilet that has become McClatchy. Besides stealing jobs from journalists, McClatchy has stolen their professional dignity. Being viewed lower in honesty than congress is a prize not easily won.

Kevin Gregory said...

Archer05 Pultizers won't do the company any good when the Repo man comes.

Anonymous said...

Clueless managing editors squandering budget and bodies to win "their Pulitzer" is one reason the company is on the verge of collapse. Award stories aren't written to serve local readers, but to ensure the legacy of these vacuous dolts.

Anonymous said...

I don’t even want to think about the politics involved with the Phewlitzer Prize selections, but I wouldn’t bet against heavy kneepads coming in handy.