Tuesday, December 16, 2008

McClatchy shares down 9 percent at noon

McClatchy (MNI) shares were down 9 percent as of noon Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

$1.61 I guess Gary would call that a good day. Howard would say we planned it.

Anonymous said...

1.59 and I say, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

December 15, 2008
-A liberal plot?-
“The McClatchy Co. reported another big drop in monthly revenue today, so naturally the company's conservative critics are having a field day with it.

As some of you out there see it, it's The Bee's liberal slant on things that is at the root of McClatchy's problems. The comments posted with my story on our Web site make that clear once again.
When McClatchy decided to mostly offer liberal ‘point-of-view’ journalism, they lost perhaps 50% of their readers, and perhaps many advertisers. Now their liberal 50% is not sticking with the program. So now they offer ‘woe is me’ journalism, and quite frankly, no one gives a damn.