Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More complaints about the Kansas City Star web site

Tony at Tony's Kansas City unloads on the KC Star web redesign. The top complaints Tony hears:
  • It's harder to leave comments. The Star has decided that reader input isn't that valuable and their comment count has seriously declined. This actually, might be a good decision on their news site . . . But on their blogs it makes no sense. However, overall it simply reflect the fact that most people at The Star don't care about any opinion but their own.
  • Why won't they fire Mary Sanchez?
  • Screw-ups like negative images on photographs are more frequent on The Star's website than they used to be . . . Their reputation for accuracy is being challenged every day by bloggers and Internet denizens who have screen capture capabilities.

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Anonymous said...

Who would think it? The KC Scar has a code of ethics. Too bad no one takes them seriously.
Code of Ethics:

If we expect readers to view us as credible, then Star editorial employees must aggressively seek and fully [report the truth] while remaining independent and free from any legitimate suggestion that their independence has been compromised.