Wednesday, December 17, 2008

McClatchy shares fall 12 percent Wednesday

McClatchy (MNI) shares dropped 12 percent in trading on Wednesday. The above chart shows the decline in McClatchy shares over the past year.


Anonymous said...

Stocks nearly worthless, bankruptcy, layoffs, combining losers, what’s to be done to save the dinosaur media?

Last February Alan Mutter asked: “Can newspapers afford editors?" Now Jeff Jarvis writes about citizen journalists taking classes.

Innovation or white knuckle desperation? Citizen journalism finally gets some respect.
Jeff Jarvis writes:
-The newsroom as classroom opens-
Bravo to the Oakland Press, which just announced that it is opening a classroom for citizen journalists….[Snip]….The goal is both to improve the quality of citizen journalism and to establish a new and collaborative relationship of respect between professionals and amateurs…. .

Anonymous said...

Big short covering at 1.40 and below.