Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Name that party" at McClatchy

In McClatchy's first published report following the arrest of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, the party affiliation of Blagojevich is not identified until the 32nd paragraph. Even then, the mention is an after-thought.

The relationship between Blagojevich and Obama was largely political, an apparently casual link as fellow Democrats in Illinois.

So when GOP Senator Stevens was indicted last spring, how did McClatchy address his party affiliation?

Stevens' party is noted in the 9th word of the article. Not the 9th paragraph. The 9th word.


Anonymous said...

Case in point: First sentence (R) reporting. Talk about unfair and unbalanced. Truth to Power, or, Tooth to Sour? The shipwrecked McClatchy needs a new motto.
-Minnesota court rejects Sen. Craig's appeal-
McClatchy Newspapers

“The Minnesota Court of Appeals has turned down Sen. Larry Craig's effort to undo his guilty plea, scuttling the [Idaho Republican's] argument that the plea wasn't valid because he'd mailed it in rather than appearing in court in person.”....

Kevin Gregory said...

Archer05 -- thanks. When Republicans are in trouble, funny how the political party is identified in the first sentence.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference. With Larry Craig it was not his act, after all there is nothing wrong with being gay, it was the "hypocrisy" of being a "family vlues" Republican caught in this situation.

With Democrats there is no hypocrisy when you lie, steal, cheat or take bribes because no one expects them to have any different values.