Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blog: "massive layoffs" at CareerBuilder

My blogging colleague Jim Hopkins reports CareerBuilder has laid off more than 300 employees, possibly as many as 400 total, since August. More info here and here.

CareerBuilder is jointly owned by McClatchy, Gannett, and the Tribune Company.



Anonymous said...

A little tibit this morning in The KC Star.

"McClatchy trimmed 2,500 jobs, or about 20 percent of its employees, this year. Its third-quarter report showed a profit of almost 20 percent, far better that the loss it showed in 2007".

We should all at McClachy feel good. They took over 1/4 page to mostly talk about poor Chicago Tribune. Printed lots of detailed information about all other newspapers but when it came to the Miami Herald it's just reportedly up for sale.

Another WHINEY article by the KC Star staff about poor us. Quess what word is never printed again INDIA INDIA INDIA. 20% PROFIT????? I wonder how?

Anonymous said...

Careerbuilder’s staff wrote an article on six ways to prepare for a layoff. That will come in very handy for themselves now.

One ‘axed’ former employee wrote:

-“One of the axed”-
“The layoff came out of nowhere. We had a conference call a couple weeks ago where they told us our jobs were safe. They told us the cuts would come naturally as they were no longer adding to the work force. They herded us into a room for a “heads up” and told us to grab our coats and leave. We asked why they thought putting 110 people into a room and telling us we weren’t worthy was dignified……"

vdavisson said...

CareerBuilder owns the job market here in Fresno (and probably the entire Central Valley). It would be good to let some of those listings go to Monster, HotJobs or Dice.

I wonder where the Bee employees will go to find jobs? CareerBuilder?

Anonymous said...

People always hate to talk about when they are laid off. But as it has become every day's news headline since Yahoo started it with cutting 1500 of its task force last year, now a need of platform has been in demand where people can express their selves in words how they are feeling about their company, whey the got laid off was that justified or not.
And every thing they want to tell anonymously.And is providing you that platform.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is expecting recession getting over soon. I have a very close friend, who graduated from Harvard. Worked for ML for over 8 years, recently he’s been “right sized” too, despite of his outstanding performance and the increasing revenue he generated. OMG, now the banking industry is badly hurt, how long it would take for those financial background guys like him get back to the job market. Banking jobs are not there as much as before as easily seen on and other job sites in the region