Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Name that Party at the Sacramento Bee: son of Dem politican arrested for murder, Bee identifies party affiliation 31 paragraphs into the article

The Sacramento Bee did a story on the son of a prominent politician who was arrested on a murder charge Tuesday, but didn't identify the politician's party until the 31st paragraph.

Rafael Nunez, son of of Fabian Nunez, former California Assembly Speaker, was arrested on a murder warrant Tuesday.

Note: I initially said the article omitted a reference to Nunez' party; thanks to the alert reader who found it.


Anonymous said...

"Fabian Núñez, 41, was the longest-serving speaker in California's era of term limits. The Los Angeles Democrat cultivated..."

All the way at the end of the article and tying him in with the Republican Governor in the same sentence.

McClatchy is stirring the pot and becoming exciting. Treading on the sacramental Nepotism and actually mentioning "dhimmicrat" and wrong doing in the same article.

I wonder if they added it in an edit?

Anonymous said...

What does the guy's party have to do with the killing? Not really germane, is it? Not unless Howard Dean were somehow involved.

I can see the headline now:

Suspect says FDR's spirit drove him to kill

Anonymous said...

Like you don't already know that if he had been a Republican the ID would have been contained in the headline.

Anonymous said...

Doubtful, and anyway, hypothetical.

It's not as though they didn't include the party affiliation or try to conceal it. It's just not a very important part of the story, which is about murder, not politics.

Perhaps you should step back a little bit and breathe deeply. Not everything in life can be reduced to a talk radio segment.

Anonymous said...

Yo, ace reporter @9:35, the only reason this is a story is because of who his father is.

Anonymous said...

Sure, it's a story because his dad is prominent, but it's the same story no matter what party the prominent dad represents.

It's a story because you know the dad's name, not because of the dad's politics.