Wednesday, December 10, 2008

News & Observer's modest gimmick: N&O enticing subscribers with promise of $150 in coupons inside Sunday newspaper

Last week I noted the Kansas City Star is luring customers with a sweepstakes promotion of weekly prizes worth "up to $1,000" and a chance at a $25,000 grand prize next April.

At the News & Observer, the prmotions people are much more modest.

Looking at the N&O web site, I noticed at the bottom of each story is this enticing offer: Get $150+ in coupons in every Sunday N&O. Click here for convenient home delivery.

Click the link, and you are prompted to enter your personal information to subscribe for home delivery.

Is it a gimmick? Sure. But it's a modest gimmick.


Anonymous said...

That's not really new. The Kansas City Star also puts a little note in their rack machines saying how much you in discounts you can save.

Anonymous said...

For every customer that the KC Star may have gain with their gimmick Jason Whilock just lost 5 for them. Everyone I talk to want him fired immediately.