Friday, December 26, 2008

Newsbusters comes 10 days late to the party

P.J. Gladnick at Newsbusters posted a piece yesterday about employees at the McClatchy Baghdad bureau cheering the shoe-thrower. Here is P.J.'s piece: McClatchy Employees Cheer Iraqi Shoe Tosser as Stock Plunges 99%. It's a nice post, but McClatchy Watch readers had the news 10 days ago.


Anonymous said...

Re: NewsBusters:
-McClatchy Employees Cheer Iraqi Shoe Tosser as Stock Plunges 99%-
The dimwits writing from Iraq are like Dumb and Dumber revisited. These so-called news gatherers are beyond rehabilitation. Were these idiots part of the KR merger disaster?

It could be the extreme bias of the former KR war non-reporters led to the distrust readers have of the press reporting any news. I see no future for these hate filled liars. They still don’t get it.

Reporters Lie - Newspapers Die

Anonymous said...

Better late than never. Newsbusters has a huge readership. Revel not condemn.