Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seattle Times cartoonist gets the axe

Journalists are known for their gallows humor, but the editorial cartoon in The Seattle Times a few days before Thanksgiving was downright disturbing.

Titled "Everything gravy? Not so much," the panel showed a fallen ax and two turkeys, one with its head missing. The intact Tom turns to his headless companion and says: "Ha! That's nothing. You should see my 401(k)."

If cartoonist Eric Devericks' art is a bit darker than usual these days, he can be forgiven. On Nov. 13, the ax fell on him.

"It's tough to try to be funny or witty when your life is a wreck," the 32-year-old artist says, managing a weak laugh.

Devericks is one of about 150 employees being let go in a third round of layoffs or buyouts at the newspaper this year. His last day is Dec. 12.

The Times is not alone. Newspapers across the country have shed thousands of jobs in recent months as advertising revenues and circulation continue to plummet.


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Anonymous said...

Cartoonist, The latest media dinosaur?

Ted Rall, the president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, is just another lowbrow political hit man IMO. I don’t bother with his brand of liberal bias in small bad drawings. If he follows the current trend of cartoonists' biting the dust, I will never know, unless McC-W writes about it, of course.
Post blogger Michael Cavna writes:
“If what plagues almost all American newspapers continues to ail us, then for political cartoonists, 2009 could be a bloodbath…”

Editorial Cartoonist Ted Rall writes:
“....about 20 editorial cartoonists have been laid off or retired in the last three years without being replaced.”

“Alternative weekly papers print political cartoons but pay nominal reprint fees, not real salaries. [The internet doesn't pay at all.”] (Waaaa, waaaaa)
This whole out-of-touch media crowd reminds me of a kid’s joke.
Q: Where was the dinosaur when the sun went down ?
A: In the dark!